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  1. Interesting plugin! I have not played with curves so much yet (rather with levels), but it apears very slight mouse movements on an anchor point make big differences. I have another program (a picture style editor for Canon cameras) that allows the arrow keys to be used, which I have found convenient for making fine stepwise adjustments. It would be good if the plugin (or Paint.NET Curves in general) could do this. Not a deal breaker though, as I do most of my edits with other tools. Oscar
  2. David, it is not (yet?) in the Popular Requested Features list. However, I just found this thread: viewtopic.php?f=10&t=21402&p=122037 which contains a useful tip of pasting into a new file to strip all data. I guess that will do for now for that part of my question, although probably the filename needs to be manually edited everytime for saving. Oscar
  3. Excuse me for bringing this up a second time, but I thought it might be a good moment to bring this under the attention for a future 3.2x release. They are important in the typical use by photographers. 1) JPEG saving can still not be done without including metadata (EXIF), limiting the minimum file size possible for thumbnail photos for a website. Example: for my website I use thumbnails 150x100 of 2-5 kB. They cannot be smaller than 13.5 kB with Paint.NET currently. (makes me wonder: is this data really so long? An ASCII text of 10 kB is several pages!) See also viewtopic.php?f=12&t=20550 to which no satisfactory answer has been given and the search function for the topic did not show results. 2) Open and Save locations are currently not memorized separately. It would be a big step forward in convenience if it would! If folders of loading source files and saving web files are several levels away, one has to make many clicks to browse back and forth through the directory structure, accumulating with the number of images edited. viewtopic.php?f=12&t=20547 Could you give an indication if/when this will be implemented? My congratulations once again to Rick and all plugin developers for the increasingly great job! Oscar
  4. Thanks for your reply... ...but after searching all these keywords and even more general ones for 45 minutes, I haven't seen my question or something close, except about saving quality options or exif editors. Maybe it dates from the old forum? If it is requested so much, kindly update the list of Popular Feature Requests Oscar
  5. Just stumbled upon another suggestion while working with photos for my website: - I want to save a small 150x100 pixels version of a photo to use as thumbnail image on my site. These are normally 2-6 kB only. I can't get them smaller than 13 kB, apparently because of attached EXIF data. I do not see an option to exclude EXIF, but a dreadful workaround is to save as GIF, then open the GIF and save as JPEG. I'd like to have saving EXIF as option, or even better: give this option when saving the large image: "Save thumbnail image": size, sharpen on/off, compression level (or file size), default folder. This could be a major time saver. Thanks for considering this suggestion! Oscar
  6. I am new to Paint.NET. I have to say it is a great program for my needs of basic photo corrections! It saves me from having to buy Adobe Elements so I donated I compliment also the plugin developers for their excellent work (I use ScriptLab, Highlight/Shadow, Sharpen+, Conditional Hue/Saturation)! I have some suggestions, hopefully not annoying: - when I open a photo from one folder, process it, and want to "save as" to another folder, I get as starting point the folder where it was opened from. I then have to move through several levels of folders to get where I want. Then, when I want to open the next photo, the starting point is the folder for saving. I know that Photoshop always remembered open/save-as folders separately, saving a lot of browsing time. Could this be implemented? - It would be nice if the clone stamp tool had more feathering. It currently takes me more effort to effectively remove a dust spot in a piece of sky than it would when I had Photoshop. Is my understanding correct that this falls under 'brush customization' scheduled for version 4.0? Thanks for your answer and keep up the great work. Oscar