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  1. The subject line says it all, if there's no room left in the temporary directory then Paint.NET eventually dies with an uncaught exception. Reproducing it is a bit vague since it consists of two steps: 1. Set up a temporary directory with very little or no space left (e.g. on a RAM drive or a USB key). 2. Do things until Paint.NET dies with an uncaught exception. I've tried it a couple of times and the most reliable way to get it to crash seems to be to create some new image and then try and save it, e.g. as a JPEG. When you tell it to write to disk (i.e. after setting the filename and quality factor), Paint.NET bails out with an uncaught exception.
  2. I'm getting exactly the same problem. 64-bit Vista, VC++ 2005 + SP1 installed (so I assume it should have any necessary libaries present), all hotfixes and whatnot installed, and it bails out during the install process with the OpenMP error.