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  1. 6/10 Its original, and the frying pan, I LOVE IT, BOOM!
  2. I guess you need to make one with a steak knife! Can I catch fish with a paint dot net?
  3. On a scale of 1/10, how Funky Fresh is this? Please reply
  4. Its fairly simple but I like it. what do you think?
  5. You and I both know my signature needs...work. i was wondering if you could possible give me a few tips and tricks to make a sig more attractive and eye catching P.S i am sorry if this doesnt fit in with the rules, but ive read the rules and i think that this is okay. thank you. bye.
  6. Hello. my name is bev and i am a noob. i really like pdn but i want to know how to become a pro, like barkbark or usedhonda or david atwell, i really like this thing and i know its a noob question, but what do i do to become better? ive been playing around with paint.NET for weeks and i cant seem to master it! please, I need help! :!:
  7. Im not sure, i dont think there is a thread like this
  8. I hope nobody gets mad that i made another pictorium, but i thought the other one was getting to big! Post your edited or created images
  9. Not bad! the fur does look realistic! look at my posts if you dont mind! yours are great
  10. It's simple, just rate the avatar of the poster above you on a scale of 1/10! Be nice, and give good tips!
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