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  1. very cool! =) i'd really like to know what you've done (as it's so easy =D ) Fragment and Polar Inversion? hey! no problem i'll tell you how to do... open PDN; Select black color and pencil tool and start scratching like crazy! =P then go to Effects/blurs/Radial Blur and choose at least 100. you can choose more if you want obviously; then if not dark enough pick the pencil again and scratch a little bit more in the blank area and then repeat the radial blur process; then if it is as you wish just go to Effects/distort/polar inversion! simple and awsome! have fun
  2. here is another one! is looks so hard to do and its the easiest way EVER!
  3. can someone tell me how to resize my signature?.... it doesn't go under 140kb-.-
  4. sry for triple post... i my computer is slow and i thought it hadn't post
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