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  1. Even more of my new stuff! Anyone who goes to Eyes on Final Fantasy Forum should be able to guess my identity now!
  2. This should not have been necessary. Make sure the feather.dll file is downloaded to the C:/Program Files/Paint.NET/Effects folder. You can't just make an Effects folder somewhere on your computer and expect Paint.NET to know where it is located. OH! I'm such an idiot! I wasn't saving it to my Program Files... I get it now, thanks!xD
  3. I don't actually know...When I resized the sig to make my avatar, I initially ended up with that, and I thought it looked cool so...yeah!xD
  4. Not really my taste...But I do like the effects. 6.5/10
  5. Wassup! I'm a newb, but i've created a few sigs in Paint.NET! As you can see, I am a complete Final Fantasy nerd!xD Most of these are for my home forum, Eyes on Final Fantasy (The Memoirs of a Geisha one was for a sig competition). I don't really like the last one though... EDIT: Whoa...Looking through this thread, I noticed not many people like working with actual images...What's the deal with that!?
  6. Ummm...Hey guys, newb here!xD I've had Paint.NET for a relatively short time (About 2 weeks), and i'm loving it! I've really got the hang of it, and just really love this program. So one day, I thought I would try my hand at these "plugins", right? SO, I go and try to download the feather plugin. I THOUGHT I did everything right, but apparently, i'm not...I've tried doing different plugins for the past 45 minutes, and nothing is working! I've been doing the same exact thing each time! My Process: -First, I click the plugin link and i'm brought to the download menu. -I click Save. -I go to my Effects folder. NOTE: When I first downloaded Paint.NET, I didn't have a folder titled Effects, I made one. I thought i'd add that just in case it made a difference... -I save it to my Effects Folder. -Then I reopen the folder, right click on whatever plugin I just downloaded. -I right-click, go to "Properties", click Unblock, and then click "Okay". After that, I open Paint.NET and SCOUR the Effects and Adjustments menus...But nothing is ever there... What do I do!?!?!!? Am I doing something wrong? Help!
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