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  1. what are they and how do they work? is there a plugin to make it so when you cut something out, it perfectly cuts it out for you?
  2. how? I can only make these backgrounds... ... 0I%20made/ I make sports banners. Any suggestions/tips on how to make cool/different backgrounds?
  3. ok,someone else also cut a person out for me and saved it as .png and i saved it as that and reopened it, but it also had a white background?
  4. ... gle+Search
  5. How do you do "stocks" on Paint.NET? My friend says that he uses stocks to make backgrounds on photoshop. Also, is there a website that has stocks or something? Thanks, Austin
  6. When I cut someone out, then save it, and reopen it to put it on a banner it has a white background.... How do I save this so it doesn't do this? I couldn't find a way besides using wand tool to take out the whtie background when I reopen it, but sometimes that doesn't even work.
  7. remember to use anti aliasing (AA) :AntiAliasingOn: when u cut out images...use the tut how to cut out images the easy way 2. I did that before, but I am not that good at it that way. I just use the magic wand and the zoom feature and erasor.
  8. I just made this. I finally found a good way to cut people out. I kinda messed up, went a bit fast. I wanna find out how people make these really cool backgrounds. Mine stink. Well here it is..... please note that it is like my first time making this... Comments?
  9. How do you make those cool backgrounds on peoples signatures? All I can do is: Clouds, tile reflection, and Polar Inversion. Example of other peoples' backgrounds. So, how do you do it?Please help me. If you PM me that would be great!