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  1. I get a closing message when clicking on the color palette button just right of the 'add color button' Paint net close immediatly with a message see pdncrash.log Vista full release, update automatically Marc pdncrash.log
  2. Hello Working with arial font, I am not able to print "@" I have looked on past mails, no answer Thank you for help Marc
  3. I double the demand for polygon selection. As architect, it is a master tool to extract buildings, buildings... With that I would throw out several softs that I use actually such as psp Marc
  4. I would add my wish to a selection by polygon As architect, I am working mostly with parallelogramm, and all selection tools are uneffective to eliminate, color, move simple geometric shapes I like very much the spirit of paint net, but mainly upgrade to see if that tool is created Marc
  5. Hello I would like to know if there is a solution to make selection with a suite of straight lines such as polygons Selection with polygons is very much quicker when you work within objects with simple geometrical shapes such as buildings as we do Marc ANGLARET architect
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