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  1. T'was a good one! Thanks Also sounds like something most people would do if they were a bit more organized than me! :wink:
  2. Heh, good one! I put them in folders with the date and name that related to the situation. But I recon I need somekind of system for the edited, I mean if one is going to save the pic as raw, pnd, jpg it's soon gonna be a mess
  3. Hi! I'm sitting here writing an assignment for the university, and I'm looking for other things to do instead. So I opened my pictures folder and it is a mess. PDN among edited jpg's among raw's among unedited - you get the picture. The only way I'm keeping my photos in order is by the date i took them and which situation they are related to. I was thinking about getting a better system, but instead of doing the thinking myself I wanted to open another useless thread in the offtopics. So, how do you keep your photos in order? Have a blessed day! Kejtet :idea:
  4. Ahrm precisely what i needed. Unfortunately my patience ran out before i got to page 8 in this thread. Good thing you were willing to show me the right direction. Thanks a million. Have a nice day. Kejtet
  5. Oh well, of course your right. The easy way out method is way outdated :shock: :wink: Now I know what to do for the rest of the evening! Thanks a lot for help! Will definately be back with more questions soon :wink: Have a nice evening! Kejtet
  6. yeah, I understand that. Thanks. But the easiest way to cut out the goat would be via your alpha mask plug-in/tutorial? It's just quite a work for all the little pieces of fur coming out from the goat... But thanks still! Kejtet
  7. But I really don't wanna cut out the goat entirely. I just wanna put different effects on the different layers. E.g. som sort of blur effect on the background to make the goat stand out more. I haven't looked into the hole mask think, I will do that and see how it works. Thanks so far! Kejtet
  8. I'm sorry that I'm so difficult, but it's really the selection of the sky I'm wondering about. E.g. the picture I've uploaded. What would be the best way to make three layers, one with the goat and one with all the white sky (including the little dots in the trees) and one with the rest? Hope that I'm not to much of a noob... And thanks for the help so far! Kejtet Edit: spelling errors.
  9. sorry to get in the game so late, but how did you manage to only change the colors of the trees? It looks like a thing I really want to do, but I'm stopped by the selection tool... Hope that you stille follow this thread. Thanks in advance. Kejtet
  10. Ok, now I've seen it, it gives an answer to the magnetic lasso thingy. But I would stille love to hear if anyone has any experience with the selection tools in "real"photo editing, meaning photos from a camera. Thanks though...
  11. http://kejtet.deviantart.com wow...
  12. Hello, Yes, I'm new (cf. rule 27 :wink:) I have a question regarding the selection, I've tried searching the forum a coupple of times, but I didn't find what I was looking for. I want to use Paint.NET mainly for editing photos I take, but I am in need of a better selction tool. It could either be a lasso'ish thing that is "magnetic" towards the closest colorline, or a tool where you can select around something by click'ing a lot of times, so that you get an even line. Did that make any sense? So my question is, did I overlook something in the program? In the forums? Or is it possible for a kind soul to point me in the right direction or give me at hint of some sort? Have a day Kejtet edit: Perhaps I shuold explain what I want to do better: e.g. if I have a picture with something in the front and a blue sky in the back I often want to make the blue sky a deeper blue. The magic wand (or what it's called) often leaves a wird border between the front and back, and otherwise can be hard to work with if the colors come really close to each other. Thanks in advance.
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