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  1. Heres my entrie! Sorry if i did anything wrong my first contest here!
  2. occationaly when im using the line and paint brush tools they draw like 300 pixels away from when my mouse pointer acctualy is...
  3. occasionally when using a small line in paint.net the line appears miles away from my mouse thing.. pointer and i have to put it on 500 line to get it to fix, does anyone know why this happens.. Thanks for any help The strange man hiding in the cuboard... whoops i meen.. Ryan.
  4. everytime i try to do this tutorial i end up with a big light but beside my drop shadow, what am i doing wrong... Ryan P.S sorry for posting a question in an topic that has quite a few older posts but im getting annoyed lol
  5. this is my 3rd attempted at an exploding planet.
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