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  1. I can't get my text to come out right
  2. yeah thats what I was afraid of but I hope you kind of understood its hard to explain
  3. I own NHL 07 and I know you can put jerseys and pads on the game how do you make those pics and put them on the game I hope you understand a little bit.
  4. I do like that one better but some times it doesn't work but whatever my playoff try
  5. It's good but still doesn't look right keep me posted if there ever is a scratch tool
  6. I used the feather thing on the logo this time thanks for the imput oh and most don't care but as a Ducks fan. DUCKS SCORE!
  7. boy yeah I'll try that I'll but it up in a few minutes
  8. For anyone that used Photoshop you'll know what I'm talking about. For Photoshop theres a plugin that uses the Paint Bucket and a mode is a scratch tool and when you use it, it looks like the photo has been skated over like this.
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