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  1. I am having the same problem. I think its because i haven't selected the layers, how do you select them? I have them both ticked, but still the invert option is not open. Also i have a normal rectangle box as didn't know how to make that other shape, can anyone help me out with it?
  2. Thankyou very much for your help. Sorry! I searched that new and resize box so many times and didn't see the print options! Thanks again
  3. I have searched for this but can't find anything on it. I want the title 'Clean Wise' With somehow getting across what it means, so shiny, sparkly, or wet. Any ideas?
  4. I am working on a flyer for a business for my mum and her partner. It needs to be A5 size, what is that in pixels? Help much appreciated.
  5. thanks honda, and by the way rick i did search but i was kind of in a rush. I looked through loads of result and couldnt find one for windows vista !
  6. Im on a new laptop that has windows vista. I could download fonts onto paint.net easily on my other computer, but i can't find the font section anywhere on this computer ! Can anyone help ? I would really really appreciate it.
  7. Thankyou very much ! I new it would be something really simple but i couldn't find it anywhere. Thanks for the quick reply and for your help
  8. I have no idea why but for some random reason my measurements has changed to cm. Could be when i downloaded the new one actually. I have tried coping with this but i really need it in pixels for various reasons. I would really appreciate anyone telling me how to change it back to pixels?
  9. I was following a tutorial and as per usual they said something that was obviously simple to them but i have no idea how to do it. Can anyone tell me how to make a background transparent ? Im following the making a bubble tutorial. I would really appreciate any help.
  10. Whenever i use the transparancy gradient it blends it to the background which sometimes is great but however know i need to blend two pictures together, how can i do that ?? Any help is very much appreciated.
  11. ok thankyou very much for your help and quick response
  12. I have made a film reel and when i import it into a wallpaper/background it moves the images and background all serperately, is there anyway to group them or whatever so i can move it alltogether ?
  13. Its ok i have found it , sory for all this ! Edit : is there any way to get the film strip to curve the other way ?
  14. Yeah i have looked at that, i have brush width, then fill , no line style there or anywhere that i can find.
  15. I went to download it and it turns out i already had that version, and i still cant find that line thingy, Can anyone help me ? I really need to be able to do this just my luck i cant find it !!
  16. Ok ill download that one, thankyou for all this
  17. Once i created the box and go to use the dotted line style i can't . No where on mine can i find anywhere to change the line style, i have fill: then different things but in that there is nothing even remotely similiar to what you have. can anyone point me in the right direction ? Thankyou
  18. Thankyou very much for all your help i do reallly appreciate it, i will go look at the tutorial now. Thanks again !
  19. How long will it take for the tutorial ? roughly, not that it matters i dont mean to sound like im rushign you i was just wondering !
  20. Yeah thats exactly what i mean ! So can have it like waving across the page and things, oh that would be soo good thankyou !
  21. I really want to put screen caps from friends the tv show going in one of the film reel things. Can anyone give me help on how to do this ? I would really appreciate any help offered.
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