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  1. Couldn't update. I have XP Pro and everything (important) is up to date. Any suggestions; uninstall and reinstall completely vs. update?
  2. I noticed that Twist Effect only affects the center portion of the canvas, and not the entire canvas. Also, using the different Select Tools to focus on a particular region to add a Twist Effect does not work. Is this by design? Can this be made into a future enhancement to have more control over where effects are used on the canvas? Or is there a work around? Thanks,
  3. I found this just before I found PDN. SmoothDraw NX. Nice little item just like PDN. Most importantly, it has some nice brushes to use since PDN is a bit light on those (soft erase, burn, etc. etc.). It also smoothes mouse input for those who don't have a tablet. I got it from zdnet but it does have a website. http://www.smoothdraw.com/sdnx/index.htm Enjoy!
  4. GIMP is U3 capable - of course that's assuming you can tolerate GIMP's UI. http://portableapps.com/
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