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  1. Hi, following requests by users here, I am just updating you on Freeware On Trials use and publishing of Paint.Net articles. Although our anticipated review is not published yet, we have made PDN a main part of the Freeware Software Package that we have recommended to readers. Follow the Free Software Package image on the main page. http://www.freewareontrial.com Any thoughts greatly appreciated. Byeee
  2. Can anyone direct me to a decent free animation program that would compliment PDN? I have been using Jasc Animation shop. Thx in advance.
  3. Obviously peeps, you haven't seen the new look I have uploaded. Feedback thus far, from neighbors and colleagues who were asked to be honest is very positive. http://freewareontrial.freehostia.com Also FYI, I just got permission to use the gavel. I am building a credits page for this reason. Anyway peeps, the new site can go public now I have permission. Obviously there is still a long way to go, but I think you might be pleased what I've done on the home page. Just give me 20 minutes following this post to tidy up and upload what I have so far. Laters
  4. No I didn't create it however I have sought permission with the author before the site goes live. We do everything by the book no worries
  5. A valid question mate, We are hosting a special feature on our site and then link to PDN site. An after thought however, since you asked is that maybe use excerpts from PDN users reviews within the article and link to this thread. How's that sound? BTW, I've been working some more on the main page this afternoon. I'll post what I have for later this evening at the test site. I think you might just be impressed.
  6. Good morning (uk time) ooo I like that honda! Here's a screen shot of what I have so far. http://freewareontrial.freehostia.com It's only the main page so none of the links will work. It's all I have uploaded thus far just for preview and perusal. The tables aren't staying visible. Here's what I have planned for improvements.. A flash intro, court themed pages and slogans. That's about as much as I am willing to say so far. But back to my initial reason for this post. If you guys know of anyone who might like to contribute to the PDN feature we are going to host, or indeed any other f
  7. Hi usedHonda, Thanks for your input. Yes I'll see what I can do about the wikibook link for you. Ref to your comments about the look of the site? Thanks to barkbark00 comments, I have been working on an entirely new look all afternoon. It was the suggestion about the Gavel that prompted me. It should be ready either tomorrow or the day after. Then I'll be seeking your perusal again.
  8. barkbark00 I really appreciate your offer to review PDN. I look forward to reading what you have to say about it. I have replaced Paint Shop Pro with PDN. It's as close to PSP as you can get, I think. I like your idea of utilizing a gavel someplace in the logo. I'm not sure however that I agree on the site layout, but then I am a bit headstrong and do get on the defensive. But I always say I am willing to listen. Perhaps you can show me a couple of examples of what you have in mind? I always wanted a site to be easy to navigate with uncluttered pages. Maybe thats an over sight on my part.
  9. I understand. So, 4 days and no takers? Before May 1st, we are posting early reviews with the hope of impressing publishers to use our service. Now, before anyone thinks this is a spam insertion, let me assure you it isn't. Ok? The idea behind the feature, is to show "would be users" that Paint.Net has a really active and friendly forum to come to as a source for support. It would be one thing for myself alone to write a review and just say it, but I thought it would be a good idea if we could show general readers that the users of PDN took this forum seriously enough, to be bothered to a
  10. ***A moderator has recommended this post goes here.*** Freeware On Trial are launching a freeware software / services review site on May 1st. We are running a feature on how to equip the Windows OS with totally a free comprehensive applications and utilities package and Paint.Net is to be featured as the multimedia graphics tool. We are seeking help from long and short time users to write their own review, focusing mainly on how you came to hear of Paint.Net, what you most like about it. How you use Paint.Net either with business or personal use and what other package you might have used bef
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