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  1. welcome back down. thats a long time to be gone.

    :D Heh, ty.

    I beat Modern Warfare 2 on Regular today. Wish I had selected a harder level, though.
    Hidden Content:
    The only part I didn't like was when Ghost and Roach got shot and burned.

    I got right into multiplayer as soon as I got it, which was fun for a few hours, but I didn't enjoy it as much as the first - or even waw. I'd probably be playing it now though if there were legitimate custom servers. The sp campaign was a lot more cinematic and intense...the coolest part of it all has to be spec ops mode though. so fun.

  2. Bowies great. I listen to a lot of older stuff.

    King crimson (there's a hilarious version of elephant talk on youtube somewhere), Yes, van halen! good stuff.

    I'll post more when I get my mp3 working..


    My experiment with smudging into alpha.

    Only looks good on a light bg:


    As you can see, im a nub smudger.

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