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  1. I entertained myself by installing Expression Blend. I think the user interface of that program created a new type of learning curve. Since its quite difirent from other microsoft programs. But I still think it might work pretty good for graphics programs. Since the dimmed down colors and such allow your eyes to focus more on the picture you are working on. Perhaps paint.net could benefit from a change to that type of user interface?
  2. Here's some suggestions for the layer blending modes Color Burn Efterbel. färg Color Dodge Färgskugga Overlay Täcka över
  3. Hi Terpie I don't have a suggestion for Transfer map at the moment, but I can help look in to it and suggestions for the layer blending modes. What I can tell you is that dithering is called gitter in swedish. And I don't have any complaints about the translations of the levels dialog, or anything else for that matter.
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