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  1. sorry bothering you...... I just love some DIY. sorry, u dont like me. i ll get away. bye...............
  2. I just feel it seems Paint.net inherit some features from microsoft. Especially making people confused how to alter the software!!
  3. I mean many software just load entries from a .ini file or some files they specify the extention name by themselves. it is very convenient to edit that type of files with notepad. Below is just an example of language file for Bitcomet. For translators, they just need to edit this file to create another language version. the file will not be compiled into any exe file, just out side, maybe in a directory named "lang" ------------------------------------------------------------- <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes" ?> - - - 新建HTTP/FTP任务(&N) (Ctr
  4. why dont u use language file outside main exe program? that would be much easier to get more language versions!!!
  5. Is Paint.Net a open source project? Why do I feel very bad, if microsoft is involved????
  6. Can I do the translation by myself? Does any1 mind teaching me how to do this?
  7. I am a Chinese user. I just use the 3.0beta version. I found the Chinese version is not translated completely. Especially the most important parts, like effects, are still in English. I dont know whether you forget something in program, or you havent translate that part yet. :oops: How do I do translation? :o Which file should I edit?
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