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  1. ehh thanks for all your help but i was looking at something else that uses the grid plugin and at the final step i was not able to do it but my picture looked exactly how i wanted it to look like when i posted the first picture earier in the thread. thanks for everyone that helped
  2. that is such a cool effect. you are the man by the way because that has helped me figure out something else i was wanting to do. thank you so much.
  3. it works but just not for what i want them for. If you know what it is im trying to make them so i can ake then in Pro Evolution Soccer games on the ps2.
  4. thanks for helping and i thought that it was working but it doesn't come out to good. thanks anyway and i don't mean to sound ignorant.
  5. Oh my god you are a star thanks you soooooooooo much.
  6. yep tried that but for what im wanting to do with them it won't work. thanks anyway.
  7. Sorry but this is a place where people like me who don't know what they are doing ask for help. I posted this topic because obviously i needed help. People have been looking at this but nobody will reply. If you don't understand what im asking can you at least tell me because i just find it annoying that people have been looking at this but nobody will reply. Sorry but i get annoyed easily
  8. Hello im new here. I was just wondering if there is any way to change my pictures into a grid so i can make them up in Pro Evolution Soccer games. I think it is a grid that im looking for so if anyone understands what im asking will you please reply. Thanks in advanced.