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  1. http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y32/sando__aqua12/background.png Don't know what I was thinking...The pic is huge, so I linked. XD I suppose I just needed a background to match the nice waterdrop cursors I downloaded. I used this for the goldfish, and this for the lake. MadJik's bubble tut was used.
  2. Awesome. Upgraded and done! I ask such newb-ish questions. XD
  3. I didn't want to flatten the entire image, just those 3 layers.
  4. Is that in version 3.0? EDIT: Hehe. I'm being lazy lately. :oops: Thanks.
  5. Sheesh, haven't posted in...forever. :shock: I've looked all over the program, and can't seem to find the option. Does it exist within the program or a plugin, anything? Because I've got a picture I'm TRYING to cg for the first time with a mouse and PdN, and I've got three layers that I want to be merged into a single layer. My predicament: Clickie!
  6. Erm, I don't understand how to open the plugin file. When the window pops up to select the program to open the file, I choose Paint.NET and it says, "The image type is not recognized, and cannot be opened."
  7. maybe Ill find a solution my self...I'll try some tweaks to the glass orb thing (HUGE thanks to Crazy Man Dan) once I'm proficient enough at it.
  8. wow, that was so obvious I feel stupid for creating this topic. :oops:
  9. I'm editing a drawing of mine that I drew and I want to put in a realistic looking pearl. Is it possible and if it is, how is it made?
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