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  1. I tried the lasso tool and gaussian blur, but if you blur too much at once you see the area that was blurred.
  2. I assume the location of his sig (http://www.lithiumstudios.org) has javascript that changes the image displayed. nah, he got subfolder called "userbars.gif" containing an index.php outputting random userbars.edit@the post below: lol Exactly.
  3. You might not have promised it ever, but I really would love to have a blur tool. I do need one quite often.
  4. Cool, but when are we going to get a blur tool, the one more like a paint brush?
  5. This seems to happen if it is in the same directory with a lot other things. It freezes if I have it on my desktop(which has a lot of files on it) but if I put it in a folder that doesnt have a lot of files in it works fine. :?
  6. Same here, this just started happening a few days ago. Every time I try save as it stops responding.
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