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  1. Sure. My email is jjdaugh@bellsouth.net Thanks again, Jim
  2. That is SO kick < no swearing > I dont even know where to start. Can you send me the pdn so I can change the text when I brew another batch? What font is that? He is going to wet his depends when he sees that!! Just kidding, no depends. AWWWWWWSOMMMMMMME!! Jim
  3. There is no real dead line. I did one more attempt at being creative on my web page. Laugh if you like. I will just be adding text to bottom stating the type of beer and when it was brewed. I used the wand to select the edges and made them all black for printing purposes. If you live near Atlanta I would give you a few. The label really does look great. Jim
  4. Do you have a PDN file I can edit? It looks awesome. I dont know how you artistic types do it. Jim
  5. See!! That is what I am talking about. That is great!! Jim
  6. First, I cannot take credit for the shark. That is my Dad's logo. These are for beer bottles. I plan on using rectanlge labels roughly 3.5x4.5. Jim
  7. I am not very creative, but I really wish I was. My 7 year old son can draw as well as I can, seriously. I have been spending a lot of time trying ot make a beer label for my home made beer. My dad is retiring, and I want to give him a case of personalized beer. He was known at Papa Tiburon (Papa Shark) at work and so that is the name of the beer. I have created a few labels, but would love some recommendations. I have used many of the tutorials here, but my creativity is what is killing me. http://home.bellsouth.net/p/s/community ... thumbs&ck= Any suggestions? http://home.bellsou
  8. Thanks for the help. Being new, the layers take some getting used to. I am just spending a lot of time (when I should be working) playing with different methods. Trying to make a cool beer label for my homebrew!! Jim
  9. I hate to even ask, but I have searched and tried different things and I cant figure it out. Once I have added text and clicked off of it, how do I select it again to edit and move it? Sorry if dumb question. Jim
  10. Very Cool Plugin.. I have been trying to make a good beer label. I was able to follow the gradient tuts and they worked too, but this rocks. I have a question. I would like to have dark colors at top and bottom with the gradients going to a middle lighter color. I tried doing this by creating two layers and using the plugin on each layer, but it seems the gradient only does one layer per pic. Is that correct? Sorry for the kodak link, but it is the only place I can share pics: http://www.kodakgallery.com/I.jsp?c=2xw ... &y=-15u12o These are the foundations I am using for my beer label
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