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  1. It doesn't look dithered to me, but I redid it to make sure. CommanderSozo: Sorry, I really don't like it, it's like a shameless plug for half a dozen products, but what you did was a neat idea. 3/10 (Oh and Vista IE7 only )
  2. Now this isn't a plug to deviantart, or the respective artists, but it's where I've found the best pixelart ever. If you don't know what pixel art is, well just have a look http://stridenoble.deviantart.com/art/P ... n-27892167 http://multivitamin.deviantart.com/art/ ... IV-1765051 http://tn1-5.pv.deviantart.com/fs4/150/ ... Town_2.png http://multivitamin.deviantart.com/art/ ... II-3118796 http://tn1-5.pv.deviantart.com/150/imag ... Begins.png http://gunstar-red.deviantart.com/art/G ... AS-7071198 This is personally my favourite by far: http://shambolic-art.deviantart.com/art ... D-38033773 Wait for it to fully load (when the FPS speed up) See if you can find any other good pixelart pictures!
  3. EDIT: Whoops, 116th page not the first It's nice and simple, the text is clear. My only criticism is that the font used could be a bit more interesting 7/10 (this is adhanberry's signature by the way.)
  4. GIMP has an SDI That's simply because they are used to MDIs, and especially people that have photoshop, then try GIMP would find it very strange to use, however people that use GIMP for an extended amount of time will come to terms with it and find it very useful. It's a bit like the gnu emacs debate. Anyway, this is the pnet forums, lets stop going off topic. Closing this topic would be one way
  5. I wasn't referring to photoshop, but ok. IMO the best interface is the GIMPs, it's easy to navigate, and the 'wierd' Single document interface is much better than having a multi document interface like photoshop. Or pnet for that matter.
  6. alright, thanks anyway, i'll use a different program for that, and paint.net for other stuff ^^
  7. that isn't ideal, but thanks anyway. Hopefully someone else knows, or there could be a plugin that someone could make :\
  8. *sigh*. No offence, but if you had bothered to actually read my post with even a small amount of attention then you would of realised that I wasn't looking to open it multiple times, but to put two or more images side by side, and that that was the how I did it with v2, though it was hardly ideal. So can I have a straight answers: is it possible to compare two images side by side with whatever method in v3?
  9. yes. it was me requesting it, with version 2, and i didn't get a conclusion, as far as I know. EDIT: I can't find anything now, so any help would be appreciated.
  10. Is there a way to possibly view two different photos side by side in paint.net 3? This is because I need to make a 'collage' of photos to make a bigger picture. In 2.72 I simply opened the program multiple times (though it wasn't great for memory efficiency ). The new multi-tab thing is great, but It's not what i need. thanks in advance.
  11. nice, paint.net seems to get even better bit late to say this aswell; but pnet 3 looks a lot more professional, not saying 1 & 2 werent, but 3 just looks that bit better
  12. heh, sorry, i didnt realise you were the only person developing pnet, when your signature says lead developer, i presumed that meant that there was more than one person was developing it. and thanks, because i don't plan to move to vista any time soon, and wouldnt want to miss out on p.net
  13. for goodness sake, i'm not complaining about the drop of win2k, and i'm not asking for xp to be dropped straight away. stop drawing to conclusions, and in ase you didn't notice, its a question to rick brewster.
  14. I know that 3 won't support win2k, and was wondering how long it would be roughly after the vista release that you would cut support for xp, or whether it wouldnt be a time, but it would be a point when the number of xp users is significantly lower. thanks in advance.
  15. he has been currently doing that, running lots of instances, how ever this clogs up the taskbar, and uses up more memory than having it all intergrated into one window...
  16. well, its not for me(my dad actually). He takes several pictures, then have to put them next to each other, to make one big picture, with much more detail than one photo would do.
  17. very cool, it would be amusing to see this featuring in photoshop 10 XD
  18. the new feature of having more than one image open is cool, however i have found no way to have more than one image open at a time, next to each other,which i need to do. in pnet 2.72 i did this by opening loads of exe's then making them small and putting next to each other. is their a way to do this properly on v3 yet?
  19. i think he is referring to upgrading to xp means WGA hassle. There is a really easy way to not bother with WGA, and its perfectly legal, called autopatcher. so get xp then get pnet 3!
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