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  1. :wink: Hi from France !

    I didn't post on the forum for a while but today i just can say that i'm really happy with this plugin . Thanks MKT !

    Of course i've always followed Madjik with his great plugs ; and you all , other guys who take your free time to ameliorate Paint.NET .

    I know that i can't ask you for this here but how can i do to bend the cylinders made with the shape 3D . I've tried several plugs : quad reshape , tube oblique , rect to polar .. but no really success. Thanks to you !

    Hope you'll understand me .

    Shape 3D , a really useful plugin for me :-) Click to see why !


  2. Tubular? What is that?

    I really don't know ! ! :lol: No no ! Of course i know what it is !

    You're in space into a spacecraft , you're flying very fast ! Into the " cockpit " you have two "" monitors "" ( i don't know if it 's the right word ) . And you can see your position compared to the Armada flying in front of you .

    Joke on :

    The first is through the "" windshield "" , a great invention of the French ingineers from Airbus )

    The second , less beautiful has been invented by the US engineers from Boeing


    Hope you have a sense of ...French humour !!

    Joke off

    Here is the same pic with changes


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