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  1. Hello, I have always used Paint Net a lot on my computer, but unfortunately the device is not available all the time, so I wanted very much to have a version of Paint Net for mobile phones. I need pdn a lot in design due to its features and ease of working with it, to the point that I use it more than Photoshop. I searched a lot for alternatives to pdn on Android, but all photo editing applications for Android are, in the strictest sense, programs for “adding filters to images” and lack basic features such as setting the length:width of the image. Even Photoshop itself for the phone is a weak application for adding filters to images. I mainly need the program on the phone. This will save me the need for several programs. I used 7 programs Almost to have features similar to pdn, this will help me a lot in the design. I tried to design a simplified image model of what the user interface could look like, and the final design was interesting and rather good. (The quality of the icons is bad because I do not have the original source, so I cut the icon using the snapping tool.) (Note that the image was designed with the paint.net) I really hope you think about making a version of pdn for Android that contains all the features of the desktop version. This will open new horizons for design and creativity on phones.
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