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  1. Could it be the attached first picture? If so, where should I copy the plugins? I found it at the end of the search of "my computer" (2nd picture attached).
  2. Thank you so much for the respond but I can not see the paint.net in neither C nor D folder although I have got the program running in my computer. Why is that happening? Should I delete and reinstall paint.net?
  3. Plus, there may be and updated version of the plug-in? Could you kindly share with me the latest version of the pug-in if available? Thanks...
  4. Hi everyone, I do not have knowledge about the paint.net as well as you do. So you may find my below question a bit strange. I am a cap producer and one of my clients want to have a cap with his text logo to be embroidered behind the cap in curved form. I have picture of the text straight so I need to bend it to be curved like in below picture: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AmUWKUfC0VyB41oZOB973WSBsQfb?e=Nr7927 Searching through internet I came across dpy and want to install the plug-in to my paint.net program. I downloaded the file and have it in zip format and see the dll files but don't know where to install them. So, where is this above file "\program files\Paint.NET\effects"? Where can I paste the dll files of the dpy's plugin? Hope I can receive reply. Look forward to it... Thanks...
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