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  1. Thanks for the replay, Still, i'm not sure why Compression Mode option is only enabled for BC6H and BC7, when it was available for all compressed formats before this plugin was updated to support DX 11 formats. I have been working with DDS files from some time now and it was great that i could choose the compression for DXT1, specially because some of the textures had some detailed gradients and the default compression mode would mess those up very badly. Then again, if it isn't possible to enable it again for BC1/DXT1 i'll understand.
  2. Hi, first of all, thanks a lot for this wonderful software, it's very lightweight and still powerful enough to accomplish all my dds edition needs. Now, i have an issue with the newest version of this plugin. In previous versions of PdN i could choose the compression mode for DXT1 dds format, but now i can't do it anymore. Is there a way this option can be added again?
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