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  1. BoltBait....can't show you the other one. I did shrink it below the 146.2 size and it still won't upload. Anyway, it came out pretty good too using the "metal" or steel look. Thanks again for putting this pack together!! Laura
  2. Thank you, BoltBait! I see that now. As time allows I'm slowing testing out new effects for the text and I'm delighted in all I'm able to finally do!! Without Photoshop, that is. *g* I made this one tonight and I'll send another one I did earlier in the week. I'm still working online so time is limited, but I'm hoping to play with it more during upcoming vacation hours. *g*
  3. BoltBait, So, I guess it was already installed with the pack you offered. I located it and was able to do this in just a few minutes. I'm on vacation in about 2 weeks and I'm going to spend the entire time messing with this!!! So awesome!! Thank you so very much for this! See below....
  4. BoltBait, You sent me to this page to install this plug-in. You page says this: Version 1.1 (Requires Paint.NET v4.2.9+) And I just opened my version of Paint.NET and it says it 4.2.13. I clicked on the sprocket and selected "Updates" then "Check Now". It says I have the newest version. Do I have to go to the getpaint website to update to this newest version? And all plug-ins I've already installed remain even when updating, yes? *g* Thanks for the help! I'm anxious to try this! *gg* ~Laura
  5. Thank you, @AndrewDavid! I've made all of the moved changes you request except one. I left the "Photoshop" plug-in file within FileType. This plug-in now allows me to open .psd files, at least to a limited capacity. I design ebook/print covers and have been using older software since the turn of the century! Currently I'm using PrintShop 23.1 for the bulk of my design work then I used Paint.NET and FotoSketcher when needed. Gimp is the very devil to figure out....but I'd love to just to have a program that will give me more options on text. The request I get the most is for a metalic-looking text, no matter the font. My PrintShop can't do this. I have PrintShop 2.0, but it's very limited in what it can do, nothing even close to my 23.1 version. Over the years I've learned to manipulate the images using my software and it's served me well. I've even won a few contests with it! But I do love the Paint.NET layout and now it will have even more design tools and options for me to discover! I'm very excited about the possibilities. *g* I'm attaching an ebook cover I did recently. It's getting lots of positive comments on Facebook. The girl at the top started off as a black and white image. I had to use multiple layering to get this one just right. *g*
  6. I've tried to install 5 plug-in packs and I think I did most of it correctly, but a few things appear "off". I was encouraged to post here with images. Two of the packs came with installers so I know those were done correctly. I'm unsure of the rest. Could someone look these over and let me know if anything needs to be switched to the other folder. Thanks for any and all help!! ~Laura PS - Apparently I'll have to post each image separately. Each file is under 256 KB but there are two!
  7. BoltBait: I located you and 4 others who also have plug-in packs from this website: https://www.guidingtech.com/paint-net-plugins-2019/. I know a good bit about how to go into C Drive to run my older design software in Compatibility Mode... However, these files are strange to me and not all of these packs came with Installers. Only 2 that I could locate. Yours was the only one recently updated. Most were last updated 2014, 2016, 2018. I'm honestly uncertain about both folders (FileType, Effects) and wonder if there are a few which belong in the opposite file!! I can't email you, but could you email me with "Verifying folders" in the Subject line so I know it's you? As you are a coder and moderator, I know you could look through both quickly and see anything that might be in the wrong folder. My email is: <snip>. I would appreciate this small kindness and would gladly pay for your time via your Donate button if you could get these two straightened out for me. Let me know if you have the time to do this favor. Thanks! ~Laura Shinn Designs author/designer/formatter
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