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  1. Update: I installed 4.2.11 beta build 7433 and... so far so good. When I run it with disableNtfsTx applied, and save a file into a OneDrive synced folder, the sync remains stable and things appear to work as they should! Thank you! Now to figure out how to ensure that paintdotnet.exe always runs with that switch, even when I double-click a pdn file or right-click and pick Edit for an image file. edit: figured it out, with surgical registry edits to values within Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\
  2. FWIW, the problem remains (for me) for the latest version of OneDrive, 20.052.0311.0011
  3. This is great -- looking forward to trying it, and will report back. Thanks!
  4. I won't pretend to know this by any means, but from extremely quick research it seems that regular OneDrive ONLY support NTFS, and I imagine that would necessitate supporting NTFS transactions, and I'd speculate OneDrive for Business is pretty much the same, but who knows. More significantly, I didn't notice this problem up until sometime in the past month or so, and I was definitely using Paint.NET to save into OneDrive sync'd folders for a while before that (months, at least). ... and since Paint.NET was last updated in mid-Feb, but OneDrive was updated in early April, I'm leaning toward that version of OneDrive being the culprit. I'm trying to get the go-ahead from my corp help desk to install a late April update. For my situation, everything works normally, with the OneDrive folders acting just like local ones, up until the point where I save from Paint.NET into one of them.
  5. Recently, whenever I use to save an image file into a OneDrive for Business synced folder, it causes file synchronization to stop, and I have to reboot in order to properly restart the sync. A coworker confirmed getting the same problem. Has anyone else who uses OneDrive for Business (and synchronizes their folders so they can be accessed through File Explorer) seen this problem? Or if you haven't tried saving to a synced folder, mind trying? (Not sure if data points for the consumer version of OneDrive are relevant or not.) I'm running 4.2.10 (Final and OneDrive version 2020 (Build 19.232.1124.0012). I've made the sync fail several times upon saving a file in I do not currently know if saving files using other applications causes the same problem.