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  1. Hi, In the latest paint.net version (4.2.10), when saving a dds file, the formats at the end of the dropdown list are actually saved as different formats. A1R5G5B5 gets saved as A4R4G4B4: channel masks = { r=0x00000F00, g=0x000000F0, b=0x0000000F, a=0x0000F000 } A4R4G4B4 gets saved as R5G6B5: channel masks = {r=0x0000F800, g=0x000007E0, b=0x0000001F, a=0x00000000 } R5G6B5 gets saved as A8R8G8B8 The various ?8R8G8B8 combinations before A4R5G5B5 seem to be properly saved, R8G8B8 is also correct, and I didn't check the BC formats. There seems to be
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