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  1. Hey, this might sound stupid and maybe I'm doing something wrong: I can't seem to find a way to see how large my image is while on the screen. Like, there's no grid or anything that tells me how many inches/ cm my image is. I can of course go to the section to resize it, but it's not displayed anywhere on the screen. When I click on the "rulers" tab underneath "effects", it gives me some measurements in increments of 500, which i don't quite understand. So, yeah... All I want is to be able to see how large my image is in inches and cms... Thanks! -T
  2. Yep. Worked like a charm. Very powerful tool. Makes separating images for print, like, stupidly easy... I thought I was going to have to re-do a bunch of designs, but I am so impressed with this thing... Big ups Toe head! Thanks a lot!
  3. Oooooooo… Extract the file? Um, like... how? Haha! -T
  4. I'm sorry, I took a photo on my phone and it's too large to upload. When I shrink it down to the allotted 256 kb, the image becomes indistinguishable... I am certain I unblocked them. When I click properties, an unblock option no longer appears...
  5. Hmm... I've loaded the plug-in to both the "Effects" folder and the "Files Types" folder and I'm not locating it in Paint.net for some reason. I have also gone to the properties of both folders and "unblocked" the plug-in as per the directions here:https://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/InstallPlugins.html and no dice. Have closed and re-opened the program and looked everywhere I can think to. Have checked the "plug in upload errors" section in the "Settings" as well... Any suggestions?? Did I do something wrong perhaps?
  6. Hey! So, I'm pretty sure I should've been able to find this in the paint.net search bar, but for some reason I just couldn't! I have many designs that are all HIGH CONTRAST, BLOCKY, WHITE IMAGES ON A BLACK BACKGROUND. Super, super simple, two tone black and white punk rock images... I need to figure out how to isolate the white part and completely bleed out the black background so that it becomes clear, so that I can then send the image to my printer and they can put it on a t-shirt. This should be a super simple process... no? Please let me know! Thanks! ~T
  7. Yes, the thing is NONE OF THESE FONTS are currently in my computer... They may have gone when Windows 10 did one of it's automatic updates??? Either way, I need them and they are not on my computer AT ALL currently...
  8. Hey! Just so ya'll know I just installed the new version of PDN and still no fonts -No Garamond and FG font family, which used to be there. This is the third time this has happened when installing latest version of PDN... I'm gonna go look for these fonts in ITC OTF as IHaveNoName suggested and will report back... -T.M.A.
  9. Very cool! GOOD TO KNOW!! Will look into it!
  10. Yes, that's what I did. There were several fonts and categories of fonts. Some of them (Arial for example...) had five or so different styles of that same font. The Franklin Gothic section only had two. I have Windows 10... Is there someplace I could possibly download the rest of the Franklin Gothic fonts and insert them into paint. net, per chance?? Thanks!!
  11. Hmm... Didn't quite work for me -Only have two Franklin Gothic fonts on my Windows. Last paint.net version had like 7 or 8... Hmm... DANGIT!!