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  1. Yes, the thing is NONE OF THESE FONTS are currently in my computer... They may have gone when Windows 10 did one of it's automatic updates??? Either way, I need them and they are not on my computer AT ALL currently...
  2. Hey! Just so ya'll know I just installed the new version of PDN and still no fonts -No Garamond and FG font family, which used to be there. This is the third time this has happened when installing latest version of PDN... I'm gonna go look for these fonts in ITC OTF as IHaveNoName suggested and will report back... -T.M.A.
  3. Very cool! GOOD TO KNOW!! Will look into it!
  4. Yes, that's what I did. There were several fonts and categories of fonts. Some of them (Arial for example...) had five or so different styles of that same font. The Franklin Gothic section only had two. I have Windows 10... Is there someplace I could possibly download the rest of the Franklin Gothic fonts and insert them into paint. net, per chance?? Thanks!!
  5. Hmm... Didn't quite work for me -Only have two Franklin Gothic fonts on my Windows. Last paint.net version had like 7 or 8... Hmm... DANGIT!!
  6. Woah, woah. Hold on... I am super bad at this type of stuff... How do I do that?
  7. Not sure if this is the right spot for this, but I installed the newest version of paint.net this afternoon and all the FRANKLIN GOTHIC FONTS ARE GONE!!! Only one that's left is Franklin Gothic Medium -No Demi Condensed or Heavy etc... I NEEEED these fonts!! Can anybody tell me how I can get the rest of the Franklin Gothic fonts back in paint.net?? Thank you!!!