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  1. Hey, this might sound stupid and maybe I'm doing something wrong: I can't seem to find a way to see how large my image is while on the screen. Like, there's no grid or anything that tells me how many inches/ cm my image is. I can of course go to the section to resize it, but it's not displayed anywhere on the screen. When I click on the "rulers" tab underneath "effects", it gives me some measurements in increments of 500, which i don't quite understand. So, yeah... All I want is to be able to see how large my image is in inches and cms... Thanks!
  2. Yep. Worked like a charm. Very powerful tool. Makes separating images for print, like, stupidly easy... I thought I was going to have to re-do a bunch of designs, but I am so impressed with this thing... Big ups Toe head! Thanks a lot!
  3. Oooooooo… Extract the file? Um, like... how? Haha! -T
  4. I'm sorry, I took a photo on my phone and it's too large to upload. When I shrink it down to the allotted 256 kb, the image becomes indistinguishable... I am certain I unblocked them. When I click properties, an unblock option no longer appears...
  5. Hmm... I've loaded the plug-in to both the "Effects" folder and the "Files Types" folder and I'm not locating it in Paint.net for some reason. I have also gone to the properties of both folders and "unblocked" the plug-in as per the directions here:https://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/InstallPlugins.html and no dice. Have closed and re-opened the program and looked everywhere I can think to. Have checked the "plug in upload errors" section in the "Settings" as well... Any suggestions?? Did I do something wrong perhaps?
  6. Hey! So, I'm pretty sure I should've been able to find this in the paint.net search bar, but for some reason I just couldn't! I have many designs that are all HIGH CONTRAST, BLOCKY, WHITE IMAGES ON A BLACK BACKGROUND. Super, super simple, two tone black and white punk rock images... I need to figure out how to isolate the white part and completely bleed out the black background so that it becomes clear, so that I can then send the image to my printer and they can put it on a t-shirt. This should be a super simple process... no? Please let me know
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