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  1. Many thanks for this great plugin browser. It helps me a lot to find the right plugins with my bad English language skills. Best regards from Germany
  2. Hello @Pixey, very nice ☺️, thank you. Unfortunately, most English-speaking people only know German words and phrases that do not sound as nice as yours. The more I am pleased about your reaction!
  3. (Translated with the help of a web translator) Thank you very much for the friendly welcome πŸ˜ƒ, but I do not think I'm identical to McPaint. (Or am I forgetting?πŸ™„). If I had known this member name, I would have chosen a more different nickname. Although it publicly allows inferences about my identity, MC in capital letters in "MC Painter" are the initials of my real name, it does not mean "Mc". Kind regards, MC Painter
  4. (translated with the help of the G ++ gle a web translator) Hi, As a new forum member, I would like to introduce myself. I'm from Germany and I'm a man over fifty years old. My English skills are very bad, so I need the help of G ** gle a web translator and dictionaries. So please excuse my mistakes in grammar and spelling. I have known and used Paint.net for a long time and it has become my favorite drawing and image editing program. I use it for many purposes from drawing various technical track plans for my railroad hobby, but also for photos, postcards, and so on. Unfortunately, I
  5. (translated with the help of the G ** gle translator) Hi, New in this forum today, I've seen a security barrier like this for the first time. But despite my poor English skills, I could easily understand and overcome this barrier. (off-topic: I love "Idiocracy", but I only know the German dubbed version.) Kind regards, MC Painter
  6. (Translated from German with the help from a web translator) In the new paint.net version 4.2.6, the pixel density can no longer be adjusted. As soon as the setting is changed and confirmed, the old setting will be displayed again the next time you open the "Picture" menu. Kind regards "MC Painter" Edit: Okay, after cleaning up some temporary files and rebooting the operating system (WIN10 home 64bit) the problem seems to be fixed. So probably no bug in paint.net and I will reboot the PC after each update at first now... πŸ˜„
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