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  1. Yes, I have multiple monitors with different dpi settings. The issue I am reporting is the fact that docking was not buggy until version 4.2.7 (or maybe 4.2.6, I haven't tested it)
  2. As it can be seen in the screenshot below, the Layers window is wrongly placed, although it is considered docked. The intended position is to the left of the Colors window (this one is currently docked to the top-right of the window), which is where it was snapped-to in previous versions of paint.net Running paint.net 4.2.7 on windows 10. Happens regardless of monitor dpi and window size. Did not happen in previous versions of paint.net (namely in 4.2.6 alpha/beta versions) Further testing: Trying to dock a window to the corner or one side of the window results in erratic movement, and offscreen window movement. Workaround: For some reason trying to reset the windows' position fixes this, although the first time trying this results in the window being placed wrongly.
  3. Just checked back with 4.2.5 and the issue persists. Also drawing on my second monitor when the window is between screens (but in my main screen) just makes paint.net draw weird lines (see attachment, right side). This also happens when the screen is half-way on both screens, active on the second one and drawing on my main screen (left side). Most likely a bug when handling dpi.
  4. According to Windows 10 settings, 125% on my main monitor (120 dpi), 100% on my secondary one (96 dpi). I don't remember having any issue with previous versions, but I will try rolling back tomorrow to check again.
  5. The DPI crash has been resolved, but there are some remaining issues: There are duplicate lines when drawing free-hand in my secondary screen, both when using pencil and when using brush (see attachment - strokes are continuous). I only using a mouse - no other pointer devices. Main monitor: 1920×1080 px, Secondary monitor: 1440×900 px. Another (minor) issue I have had (but it happened in previous versions) is the layers popup not following the main window when moving it between monitors via Windows+Shift+Arrows. Colors and tools panel do move with the rest of the window.
  6. This version crashed when maximizing the window on my second monitor: The issue seems to happen whenever I move the mouse within drawing bounds, and only happens in my second monitor.
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