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  1. I do appreciate your suggestion, but attempting to install with Norton disabled also failed. Norton has performed flawlessly for me, but I infer it's been problematic for many PDN users. Thanks for the tip.
  2. I am using Norton Anti-virus. Also, a friend sent me a zipped copy of the paint-net installed folder yesterday and it works perfectly so I'm all set now with 4.2.15. It does give me the impression that the install process checks for something not needed as I have had this problem for several years, but I appear to be the only person with the problem. Anyway, thanks to you and Pixey and ardneh for attempting to assist. david
  3. Thank you for that file, but what I need in a zip of an installed copy from the program files]paint.net folder. It appears that you sent me the file as downloaded from the paint.net site. My apologies if I confused you. I need to bypass the install to have a working copy. On your question, I doubt that anything is missing, since other software installs and I was experiencing this problem even when I was using Windows 7. I appreciate your attempt to help. david
  4. Yes, Windows is fully up to date and the repair function is only for an installed copy. To ensure a clean PC, I removed version 4.2.14 and I thoroughly cleaned registry, so the repair wouldn't work anyway. Paint.Net is the *only* program that refuses to install. At least the past 4-5 versions have refused. That's why I asked for a zipped copy of an installed version because (in my opinion) the install process is detecting what it thinks is an error that prevents successful execution, but is not. Right now I'm stuck until I can locate a zipped copy of a successful installation. Until then, I will unzip my 4.2.14 back onto PC. david
  5. I appreciate your offer, but I only get pop up ads on the site.
  6. First, my apologies. I meant the current version, 4.2.15, yet I wrote 4.15. My error. Thanks for the suggestions, but they do not work. I have never had a program fail to install except Paint.net, which has been consistent for several years. Up through ver 4.2.12 (or 13, I'm not sure), the install would pause at a certain point and prompt for content from a CD (which I never figured out). I found that if I then copied what had been installed up to that point to a separate folder and then canceled the install that the captured files were the complete product even though the install failed. Newer releases don't do that, but erase what had been done up to the failure. What I would appreciate is a zipped copy of the installed program from c:\program files\paint.net . I have found that's all I need for it to work. The 1603 problem seems unsolvable in the way Paint.Net now installs. Thanks for any help on this. david
  7. I tried your suggestion with no success, and also tried Revo Uninstaller with no success. I waited until release 4.15, hoping it would install properly, but I have the same problem again. I even scanned registry for any reference to paint.net or paintdotnet and it still does not install. Any tips on this will be appreciated that gets me by the 1603 error message. Thank you. Note: a friend gave me a zip copy of the ver 4.14 program file/paint.net folder and that works well, but I have had this install problem going back several versions. So, as I write this ver 4.14 works perfectly, indicating that any prereq components appear to be working properly. Very puzzling. I am using Windows 10 Pro.
  8. I have had the 1603 problem periodically, The last update went smoothly, but this latest to 4.2.14 just quietly fails with no message, just error code 1603. I read many prior posts here on the subject, so it's a common problem, and I tried the Microsoft tool that is frequently mentioned to no avail. Paint.net is the only software I update that routinely fails during install. I am hoping that there is a way get past this error. Thanks for any insight. I am running WIndows 10 Home 64-bit. It would be really nice to have a zip file available in addition to the install version. That would be especially helpful for doing updates.
  9. Thanks much for your prompt response. I tried that, but paint.net doesn't show in list. (I had removed older version a few months ago.) So, I did the following which worked (a bit to my surprise): - I did the reinstall and when it stopped with the message that I needed that file, I copied the contest of the folder and stored in a separate folder - when I canceled the install, the contents of original folder were removed. I then copied the temporary folder contents back. - I then copied in the paint.net config file I had earlier set up for portable use - and it works fine. I have no idea what that missing file was to do, but I'm all set now. Thanks again for your suggestion. david
  10. I receive a message during install that a file is needed from a CD or other location. The file name is PaintDotNet_x64_1889275569.msi I am using Windows 7 Pro, 64-bit, and previously had no problem installing prior versions. Any tips are welcome. Thanks.
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