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  1. I have had the 1603 problem periodically, The last update went smoothly, but this latest to 4.2.14 just quietly fails with no message, just error code 1603. I read many prior posts here on the subject, so it's a common problem, and I tried the Microsoft tool that is frequently mentioned to no avail. Paint.net is the only software I update that routinely fails during install. I am hoping that there is a way get past this error. Thanks for any insight. I am running WIndows 10 Home 64-bit. It would be really nice to have a zip file available in addition to the install version. That would be espe
  2. Thanks much for your prompt response. I tried that, but paint.net doesn't show in list. (I had removed older version a few months ago.) So, I did the following which worked (a bit to my surprise): - I did the reinstall and when it stopped with the message that I needed that file, I copied the contest of the folder and stored in a separate folder - when I canceled the install, the contents of original folder were removed. I then copied the temporary folder contents back. - I then copied in the paint.net config file I had earlier set up for portable use - and it works fine.
  3. I receive a message during install that a file is needed from a CD or other location. The file name is PaintDotNet_x64_1889275569.msi I am using Windows 7 Pro, 64-bit, and previously had no problem installing prior versions. Any tips are welcome. Thanks.
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