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  1. Hi folks, this is the old codelab plugin palette switcher, but first read this : Pixel Art Palette Switcher.zip I was trying to achieve this kind of effect from a photo I did not find a plugin to get the palette of image and change the colors so what have I done, I remembered my old palette switcher attempt with code lab first get the palette of the lion with TR's Color Reducer, because of internet picture (jpg sadness... ... ) and save the palette, as lion.txt then I took a random picture to tes
  2. wow... colors are really complicated to classify : what is the limit between a brown, a grey, a black, and an orange, a yellow, a green color ?.. need to add trackbars to adjust palette color range detection depending on the picture palette...
  3. Hello Reptillian, the purpose of reducing color palette could be applied like this : you get a photo of an existing place or object, you scale carrefully image to your game scale, then you reduce colors to obtain a starting point to draw over a sprite, yes , why not !! for your B ) point, if you can "magically" scale this into this, you are the man !! Bitmap Brothers Tank in Z game (artwork from Dan Malone I guess) original scale VS reworked X2 : If you really want to dig into the sprite scaling, here you will find a very efficient technique :
  4. new plugin : Pixel Art Palette Reverse (dll=> ReversePalette.zip) (spritesheet unpacker plugin is paused...) *remember it's for pixel Art so if you use huge picture with huge amount of different color it going to be slow as hell purpose : extract and manipulate palette you want to apply shadow modification on sprite, you want to invert palette of sprite First check box shows palette grabbed in the selection, if no selection, full picture is processed Future : Add Reverse "By Color Family", TODO.. (need to
  5. challenge accepted thank you for the tests I never thought to decrease cellSize , toe_head2001 was right // Name: SpriteSheet Grid Modifier // Submenu: PixelArt // Author: Nycos62 // Title: SpriteSheet Grid Modifier // Version: 0.1 // Desc: Modify Cell Grid Size in all layers // Keywords: // URL: // Help: #region UICode IntSliderControl Amount1 = 6; // [0,2000] X Cell number IntSliderControl Amount2 = 6; // [0,2000] Y Cell number IntSliderControl Amount3 = 14; // [0,2000] Original Cell width (X) IntSliderControl Amount4 = 14; // [0,2000] Original Cell height (Y) IntSl
  6. Unfortunatly, I can't use floodFill because Sprites are touching themselves in some spritesheets, there is not always a pixel between 2 sprites I'm trying technoRobbo basic edge detection with a mix of other edge detection to extract pixel blobs (in blue rectangles, the original sprite sheet has no transparent space between the sprites) For sprite with 2 or 3 objects, I'm thinking of an optional parameter 'Sprite MinX MinY Size'
  7. new plugin : SpriteSheet Unpacker Hello, is there a recommended approach to identify points clusters or shape center ? (K-means clustering .. ? https://towardsdatascience.com/the-5-clustering-algorithms-data-scientists-need-to-know-a36d136ef68 ) I want to identify each sprite of a packed spritesheet to tile them on a grid step 0 : put transparent color on background, expand canvas size OK step 1 : edge detection => get list of points (inner shape points / outer shape points) OK step 2 : identify clusters / get center point
  8. with this plugin you can guess the sprite dimensions when you start to work with pixel art materials found in google pictures, and you must know dimensions to import sprite sheets in game engine. For my personnal use I find them pretty effective. SpriteSheets are often packed, and in order to use AnimationHelper plugin from Pixelbyte Studio, you must center your sprite on tiles with same dimension
  9. good news ! I could not find these plugins, searched about 1 hour, and found codeLab, cost less time to code than search 😃
  10. PixelArt plugin Files DrawGrid.zip DrawCenterCell.zip SpriteSheet Grid Modifier.zip It could be great to add a OpenFileLocation Button after CodeLab generate a dll
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