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  1. I'll check this guide out and hopefully it'll help me out; I would have entered in my question in the search bar, but I didn't think it would bring up anything, so I just decided to ask first. Thanks.
  2. Ok then, thanks for the heads up Bolt, but could I still create it using Paint.net? I might use it for Facebook or another site that allows animated images.
  3. Hello to anyone reading this, I have an idea for a picture that I want to create as a profile picture; it'll be a picture of myself in a thinking pose, with a thought bubble above me scrolling small images of some of my favorite hobbies in said bubble; computer components, video games, books, and so on. My question is could I use Paint.net to create a picture like that, and would my idea be considered a gif or not? Any help would be much appreciated.
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