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  1. I want to add a zero to my fuselage for a sim game I'm running. I've added a layer to remove the original number and now want to add another. I really don't want to manually add the rivets manually. Can I add an orange mask to have them shine through? I've tried applying blending to the layer but the as the background has different colours it won't work. Can I set anti-aliasing to use the bottom layer and control strength? It's too sharp.
  2. Yeah, after some reading I finally got it. Thanks for helping me out.
  3. I might have misunderstood how dds files work and there are not cube maps in my images. Do I just edit the main image and save with layers?
  4. Hey, I can't get the paint.net to show all the layers in the dds2-file I'm opening. Am I missing something?
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