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  1. A HUGE thanks to BoltBaits for this fantastic Plug-in Pack - it has given me the ability to do something I have tried in vain to do for years with a multitude of apps/programs and that is to superimpose cropped images (mainly figures) onto a background image WITHOUT the accursed white halo around the cropped image - I think I'm onto my 5th wig with the amount of hair I've pulled out of my head in frustration over the years - but I no longer face that issue from today!!! #OhHappyDay The Feather Tool is absolutely AMAZING, or rather the Old Feather Tool is AMAZING x2, nay, make that x20! I have searched everywhere and anywhere for a feather tool that would work exactly as I require it to work but have always been left with the faintest of halos that may as well have been neon lights in the edited and finalised image, for all the good the tools I have used have been.... But now I have crisp clean edges that look superb compared to how my images have previously ended up. I loved working with paint.NET on my laptop prior to finding this outstanding resolution to my frustration but I now have a newer, warmer fuzzy feeling inside knowing that my angst has been quelled once and forever! #JoyOfJoys Again, a mahoosive thank you to BoltBait for his superb pack. I now look forward to diving into the various options the pack has given me to work with, but even if I was never to use another of the plug-ins, the Feather/Old Feather tool working SOOOOO fantastically for me means I am forever a #HappyBunny indeed!!! ??? ??? ???