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  1. Can understand, I've generally seen it happen at non "power of two" values, same for other applications not behaving well with Scaling, so that's why I was wondering if that was 200% (Guess there isn't much of a point in replying back and forth here (don't really want to clog up the update thread) I can see the issue, only thing that would be interesting to know would be if it works at 200%)
  2. I saw that, was wondering at which Zoom Setting this was and if it's something that only happens on certain ones or even at 200%. Makes me wonder if there was a way to control that more, as in for 200% (since for the others this would happen regardless)
  3. Were the icons really that broken on high DPI Screens? Do have one at work but I don't really remember seeing them being blurry, and from what I remember, Icons would usually just be upscaled, so unless you went with something "exotic" like 125% and 150%, 200% would show them fine (they'd just be "pixely" in comparison to other things made for High DPI Screens) Or is this related to anything regarding .net Framework Applications? Sad that we won't have the old icons anymore (would've loved a option to use them, but that would probably require additional support in the future
  4. Saw this Thread a while ago and wanted to comment on it. Tbh I'm not entirely happy with the redesign as well. In my view there's no need to really follow that "Modern Hype", just because something's hip and new doesn't mean it needs to be done by everyone. I understand that the reason for this change was High DPI, but I find such high dpi screens a gimmick in the first place. More about this here: The issue that I see with it is that it's not really something that's required and adds more trouble: I assume that the old icons were made with 16x16 and 32
  5. Hello Rick, nice to see the Developer himself here. (seen you in a few threads before and do find it nice on how there are plans to use a different algorithm(think it was that) to create better shapes), I stumbled upon it today and then wanted to post about it, unfortunately I entered my password wrong the first time, wasn't sure if it was this or that since I didn't use the site that many times so far(sorry, lacking time), and after entering it again wrong I had to wait for the 15 minute cooldown(guess Paint.net got attacked quite a lot in the past? two login attempts do seem a bit low,
  6. Thanks for all the help. I haven't had much time recently but I do plan to check out the plugins soon.
  7. Hello, first of all, thanks for the replies Unfotunately I've been lacking time recently so I couldn't reply to here until now. Sadly none of those are what I meant. I usually do pixelart like things, so I'm setting tolerance to 0% and don't have any transparent pixels/antialiasing unless I place it myself, it's a really odd thing that happens in paint.net and once you export it to PNG or so it's no longer there -> must be something with the pdn format and/or paint net seeing the pixels as different even if they aren't(the color picker tool also tells me that it's the same tr
  8. Hello Community Recently I've been working on an animated GIF again, since I had the agif and apng plugin installed, I thought I'd use that. Sadly the GIF preview wasn't available(it was in the past? might be because the image was rather small) and the GIF ended up having "random pixels" due to compression, even through each Frame used less than 256 colors, which shouldn't have happened in my view. I've done a quick search but haven't really found an alternative GIF Plugin, while Unfreez is nice to use, doing it directly via PDN with the layers would make it much easier, without rely
  9. Hello Paint Net Community, I've stumbled upon this a while but haven't gotten around asking, hope that someone can maybe explain this. In order to understand what I mean it's best to replicate this, I'm sure you'll see it yourself then. Or it would be but I can't get it consistently to work: Basically, moving around a selected section leads to "ghost transparent pixels" being in it's place, so once you color the transparency, those won't get colored. Has anyone else had this effect happen to them?
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