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  1. Thanks for the plug in! Just out of curiosity, is the any support for vectors with layers? The .eps files are coming out as a completely flat/1 layer image, when I import to PDN with your plugin.
  2. Many thanks, that's now fixed it. I now don't have to resort to using ordinary Paint anymore haha
  3. Background: I got a blue screen when installing an update to Paint.NET, and since then I haven't been able to get it to open. So I tried uninstalling, which didn't work. I tried reinstalling, by downloading the latest version from the website, but again was unable to get this to work. So I am trapped, unable to use Paint.NET atm. Problem: Both the uninstall & reinstall give me a messaging saying I'm missing "PaintDotNet_x64_332577892.msi" (from the "Staging" folder), so I think this may be what's causing it to not work. Here's screenshots of what happens; On uninstall On reinstall (trying to install new version, from the website)
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