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  1. Hi, I need to print out custom pieces of "measuring" tape. I was able to design some using paint.net, and also figured out how to print them scaled to 100%. So if the tape has to be 91mm long, it will be coming out the printer 91mm long. So far, so good. The problem is that I would like customers to be able to design their own tape, and then print it out. The tape is always 91mm long, but the scaling on it might be different. Anyhow, is there a way of desigining a website where people can use paint.net online, instead of downloading it, and then using it? Kinda like an online logo
  2. Not a bad Idea. I just played a little bit with this, and I am getting somewhere. I think, ha ha. What I like about it is, that I can make a canvas that is 9.1 and 1.6 cm big. I can then place the cursor exactly where I want it, and draw a line, or whatever it is I want to draw. So far so good. The only problem now is, I have to somehow figure out how to print this in "real" dimensions... That said, I have not looked at the DPI link you gave me. Thanks for your input!!! Kmd Not a bad idea either. Let me play with the first "method" a little bit, before getting to crazy here,
  3. Here is the problem: I have a round object. I am putting a piece of paper/tape around it. The dimension are roughly 150 x 20 mm. I need to put the paper/tape on the round object, turn it to a desired position and then make little marks on it. I will repeat that a few times. Once I did that, I need to take the paper/tape off and print numbers on it (where the marks are). There is always the option of measuring the marks (from left to right) and then somehow importing those measurement to a new canvas and print it out rather than printing on the old tape... Hope this makes sense?! S
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