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  1. This is my own button. I just want to split image to 6 parts.
  2. Hello, I'm looking for plugin that splits image into preferred count of images (better to individual layers) For example, I have an image with resolution 256x256 pixels. I would like to split it to 4 images horizontally. Then I have 4 layers each with resolution 256x64 pixels. I just have 6 buttons: And I have to split it into 6 buttons. Thanks!
  3. На украинском сайте версия редактора на скриншоте 3.5 XD XD XD P.s.: блин, а на русском сайте не только тоже 3.5, но и локализация украинская(((((
  4. Hello. I need to change rounded rectangle's rounding radius. So could you remove rounded rectangle and add value "Rounding radius" to rectangle please? Thanks for any attention.
  5. Sorry, I was wrong. Somehow only his plugins were shown. But my old plugins still are in Effects folder. Oh, I know, what is was. I launched Paint.NET without admin rights.
  6. AAAARGH! Nobody said me, that installer will empty my folder with plugins, and then install! My plugins were deleted
  7. Thank you MJW, I'll try Drop Shadow effect.
  8. Hello how do I can create shadows? Now I use workaround - I use Outline Object by pyrochild, but this is not more than workaround. Which plugin should I use to create full shadows?
  9. This is normal. This happens because you merge 255 layer to 100, not 100 to 255. 255 layer gets opacity 100. At first I also thought that it is enormous. If you have another layers about these two, try at first merge 100 layer with above which 255, and then merge 255 layer with result. Sorry for my English
  10. Hello everybody. Now I'm (I hope not only me) looking for plugin that can move all what in selection to the canvas center. For example, I have something like that: And I want to make it like this: I select text: Then I open the plugin... And click at center square: Then click at "apply" button and look what could happen: I hope my idea is simple. If this plugin already exists, write here. KTHXBYE.
  11. Hello. What's about this: When creating a new image, and changing width of this, height will change too? But it'll work only if I don't changed height value by myself. This is scheme:
  12. Hm. Anyway I can't install Paint.NET because of .NET Framework error. I know that this isn't Paint.NET error, but nobody helps me at Microsoft community.
  13. How do I can install Paint.NET 4.0.9 without .NET Framework 4.6.1? I've installed Paint.NET 3.5.11 without .NET Framework 3.5, and it successfully launched, but only once. Later Paint.NET doesn't launch.
  14. Idk wtf is this, so please help me. This caused when I've started to install .NET Framework 4.6.1, which is needed. My system is Windows 8.