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  1. This would be for photographic devignetting.
  2. Can anyone recommend a good devignetter?
  3. Can anyone point me towards a RAW file reader for Paint.net and Sony camera RAW files? I used to have a working one, did a reinstall, can't seem to find one tha tworks, RAWFileLAB is giving me an error.
  4. Are there any plugins for Paint.net that will let me devignette a photograph? And also defringe or dechroma a photograph with purple/colored fringing due to lens aberrations? I've been trying to avoid Lightroom for awhile now as I don't like subscriptions. Thanks!
  5. I'd like to zoom in on a picture more accurately than 5% increments, so I can get it to the size on my monitor that is close to what it will be when it prints. How can I zoom in on my picture exactly the amount I choose?
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