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  1. Thank you. Though I had been mostly following those steps, your explanation showed me what I was doing wrong. I had never really tried blending anything before and I didn't realize how important like colors would be. I had a differently colored sky. I've now got it working pretty well with the colors from the example and now I'm working on altering the cloud color so it will blend with an 'afternoon-colored' sky. Really appreciate your help! Edit - Wow, I just noticed all the new activity. Thanks Cc4FuzzyHugglesand everyone, for your help!
  2. Hey, really informative tutorial. It gave me some great insight on Dents. I know this is old, but it's one of the first tutorials available when searching with Google, and one of the only I can find that focuses on the creation of "individual" clouds. I'm a n00b and I follow it up until "Use a transparent gradient as to blend the cloud in" and get something that looks very similar to the example cloud after the Gaussian Blur. I've chosen the radial gradient, tried using transparency mode and tried matching the background gradient and making those colors partially transparent, but, no matter how I use radial gradient, I can't get anything near the last example graphics. I've looked for tutorials on transparent gradients and blending, but none of the techniques they are using get an effect like the examples. I would be very grateful if someone could point me in the right direction - Even another tutorial that explains blending with transparent gradients in the way that is necessary for this technique to work.
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