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  1. Urgent update to version 0.9.1b: - Fixed a bug due to which all unknown plugin languages ‚Äč‚Äčinstead of English phrases display "???". - Added translation to Dutch language (thanks to StephanP). - Plugin moved to "Effects\Tools" submenu.
  2. 1. I reload ZIP file. 2. CutterPlugin.dll. 3. No. Only CutterPlugin.dll. File "localisation.txt" not need to run the plug-in. 4. In "Effects" menu. See Screenshot 1 in my second post. I used a template from this topic: http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/25828-help-needed-using-visual-studio-instead-of-codelab-for-developing/
  3. Last thumbnail alvays displayed as link. Everyone so?
  4. 1. Plugin in "Effects" menu http://savepic.biz/img/2014-09/01/zod8w9b1cpnl17x9uipsbk914.png 2. Cutting image http://savepic.biz/img/2014-08/31/4kx71qcmzwah317witkdgtkxs.png 3. Multiselect pieces ("Ctrl"+click, for multidelete only ) http://savepic.biz/img/2014-08/31/1lvawd4821xi3a8pbfh2b5ave.png 4. Setup result saving http://savepic.biz/img/2014-08/31/e2xopgf2fn60kwz95s938a8f3.png 5. Generated files (*.mku file is saved by clicking the "Save markup" button) http://savepic.biz/img/2014-08/31/903td7l2k18qryv6tvgleb4d4.png 6. Pieces of image http://savepic.biz/img/2014-08/31
  5. I would like to submit for review My first plug-in for Paint.Net 4.x. This is analogous to the "Slice" tool from Photoshop. At the moment the image slicing into pieces, the preservation of these pieces and the generation of HTML source code for the WWW, as well as C # and XML for WPF. That have not yet done: - You can not operate on a group of pieces of the image; - In pieces there is no "Properties" window similar to the one that opens in Photoshop by clicking the right mouse button; - Not supported by overlapping pieces; - Pieces of images are automatically saved in the format of PNG only.
  6. This template use Windows Forms to build plugin interface. Possible to use WPF? Where can I read the documentation of Paint.Net plugin API?
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