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  1. I actually had the Gradient Mapping already, but it didn't seem to do what I wanted it to do and it was veritcal only (or so it appeared). I'm probably just not using it correctly. I tried Gradents Galore and it was pretty close to what I was after. Thanks BoltBait! This was a lot closer to what I was after. I must confess, in the interim I found an existing rainbow gradient with a texture applied and used it instead (my particular task was to colorize a white wave form of a sound sampe with a rainbow hue/effect). But I've got all the new plug-ins to play with now.
  2. It just so happened that I've needed a rainbow gradient effect plug-in, but my search skills were lacking until today. Imagine my surpise upon discovering the very thing I wanted and then finding out it's still unavailable due to the 4.0 release. Any chance this will get an update as well?
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