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  1. Dear Rick, thank you very much for the quick and comprehensive answer on the topic. It behaves as expected on all PCs now. My problem is solved now. Thank you and best regards, zipmmcs
  2. The cleartype tuned for darker - every applications provides better readability. Just reinstalled 3.5.11 to _exactly_ the same setup - including cleartype tuning: http://i1285.photobucket.com/albums/a597/zipmmcs/PNET_3511_zps4fae7d8a.png No blurry font issue. So there is a difference between the two releases from interface point of view which gone bad. Regards, zipmmcs
  3. Unfortunately disabling the HW acceleration and running the pdnrepair.exe does not help... But thanks for the tip. Regards, zipmmcs
  4. Hi Pixey, first of all thank you for answering my issue. But you misunderstand the situation. This is and interface issue. OK. I reuploaded the picture with some markings - I was hoping that the screenshot itself will be talkative enough. Link: http://i1285.photobucket.com/albums/a597/zipmmcs/PNET_401_zpsedcc678a.png - Adjustments menu: the letter "n" is barely visible. - Effects menu: the subpixel rendering kills the clear visibility. - Layers menu\Import From File...: also issue of subpixel rendering - the "I" is not black, but somewhat brown. - Layers menu\Flip Horizontal: letter "n" is also badly visible. With the same setup the Paint.NET 3.5.11 was just perfect. I cannot recall if different font was used for the interface of the software. For me it is obvoius that the interface font has issues and cannot be rendered perfectly - or an extra clear type rendering applied to the interface of the software. The situation is even worse when a poor DPI monitor is used like a 5:4 aspect ratop 19"@1280x1024 or a 16:9 24"@1920x1080, it is just bad. I'm sure that this is not a uniqe or user dependent issue since on different setups under different user accounts I can see the problem. Is it possible to change the interface font somehow, like from command parameters? Thanks and Regards, zipmmcs
  5. Dear BoltBait, it is uploaded to here: http://i1285.photobucket.com/albums/a597/zipmmcs/PNET_401_zpsca818dd9.png Thanks, zipmmcs
  6. Hello, I faced wiht a symptom with the Paint.NET 4 on Windows 7 x86/x64 Home Premium and Enterprise. The VGA card (if matters) is an ATi 7770, but tested on i3's internal GPU and on HD 6750 as well. All the application fonts (including menus and title bar) shows the fonts blurry - please see attached picture. I tried different ClearType settings including turning it off completely without any progress. With the previous version (3.5.10/11) I did not observe this issue. If there is a workaround or solution already, please share with me. Thanks & Regards, zipmmcs
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