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  1. Thank you! It was so useful (both your explanation and the filter itself), maybe some demo of images for which I used your filter: http://ewillbkilledbitsch.deviantart.com/gallery/48325216/CGI-MFI-Maior-Series-2014-RWT-B and http://ewillbkilledbitsch.deviantart.com/gallery/49510054/CGI-MFI-Maior-Series-2014-RWT-A. Nice day to everyone!
  2. What is the mathematics behind multiview warp plugin? I mean, in the first sight, what does it do? What kind of bigger transformation group (affine? distance-conservative? or hard-to-define? ) does it belong to? I don't want the exact code, if you want to keep it in secret, but a drafty description about its nature, if possible, in mathematical terms.
  3. Does anybody know what does the "multiview warp2 plugin exactly do, in the terms of mathematics? I don't need the exact C++ code, but a rough description in mathematical terms. Warping is not a distance-conservative transformation, I think, but what class of transformations it is considered to be? Affine? Is it based on central projection? Or what? Thanks if anyone knows that and writes to me.
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