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  1. Thank, and double Thanks, They are now in the correct directory and working properly. I am now off to see if i can edit my monogram avatar to make it sharper and make it with an invisible background or find another WebP good editor to do the job. So far sites including this one are not allowing me to use WebP though.
  2. I have this posts WebP add-on and unzipped it and am ready to move it to the file types dir. But confess, I am just a PC user and do not know where, and could not find out where with an internet search, where in the world is the 'file types" Dir. Doing a search in explorer did not find it either. I joined this forum in the hopes of getting an answer to this question. Non tech people want to have access to webp space savings and features as well. Thank you for you understanding help to us rookies.
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