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  1. Hi again, My installed RAM is 4 GB, and as for the images, they are only middling sized, about 900 x 550 or thereabouts, and only 1 layer thus far...very basic newbie stuff ! I will try that with a new layer and then creating the trees on it. Then...I shall be asking about how to use multiple layers of trees in varying opacities....
  2. Hi, I am still fairly new at Paint.net, haven't used it all that much, but I'm playing around getting used to it. I have a basic landscape image used by permission from another artist, and I would like to try adding trees from the fractal tree maker plugin to this image. I downloaded and installed the Alpha_Space filter in order to try to make a transparent BG on a tree image just for practice. And I made a second layer in the attempt to get the trees layer (or layers, is the dream!) to show properly, laid the scene which is actually a waterscape. I'm not sure what I am doing wrong, but I
  3. Aahh, and Oh My....I am surprised that 64 bit Lens Effects was working OK on my old XP 32 bit... Groovy!!! I'm'onna pounce on the new PDN and then maybe everything will smooth out for me...
  4. Maybe it is a good thing or maybe it's a crutch, but over the years (and I have used Paint Shop Pro since 2002!) I have gradually become addicted and therefore dependent on plugins.... I don't always do heavy post work on photos but I have learned that certain filters can do magic, even with a photo that is slightly out of focus or has bad lighting or lousy contrast. My cameras are cheap also....and so I could not imagine being without my favorite filters However, it is clear that the time has come for me to start shifting away from my old outdated friend over to a different program that won
  5. Uhh, versions 4 and 5...version 5 has the older filters stored in it so one can revert back to them, and I do that a lot OH, maybe my problems stem from using the outdated PDN.... For some reason (probably a throwback to my XP days) I am still a wee bit leery of Beta anything, and I automatically shy away in case it is a 'work in progress' that will gum up my puter... lol. My very first newbie question here should have been about whether PDN's beta was OK for those of us who are not good at fixing the innards of our own computers... Well, if it's safe then I shall install the newest versi
  6. That's good....because two things happened when i tried to run my Topaz plugins. I pointed to their folder, but only Topaz Lens Effects showed on the list. Topaz Adjust refused to appear. Then I decided to try running Lens Effects and the program crashed. Here is my report: This text file was created because Paint.NET crashed. Please e-mail this file to crashlog@getpaint.net so we can diagnose and fix the problem. Application version: Paint.NET v3.5.11 (Final Release build 3.511.4977.23443) Time of crash: 4/8/2014 10:58:43 PM Application uptime: 00:13:20.8421942 Install directory: C:\
  7. *Sigh* Yeah, and I'm lost when it comes to that... Perhaps I should pick up the newer filters around the forum here? I do still use and enjoy my old graphics program but there could come the day when I can't use that anymore... I see where folks here are using Topaz Products, I have certain ones of those and didn't think about paint.net being compatible with them! How would I achieve that? I prolly use Topaz Adjust more than anything else in my whole collection (And if I need a new thread to ask about that, kindly advise.) Ooh, and I see a link about Jasc Paint Shop Pro filetype... mi
  8. Hello, I have a thread in the Troubleshooting section about my older 8bf plugins (transferred via finger drive off my old XP desktop) giving me troubles in my new Paint.Net install. I followed the directions carefully about pointing PN at the desired folders on my drive. Yes, I copied over the two special files into Effects. And all my plugins are listed...but when I hit "Run Filter," nothing happens. I get the feeling that maybe this is because my old XP was 32-bit and the much newer laptop is 64 bit? Is there something I can do to get all my 8bf's working in this very cool program of y
  9. Yes, and Paint.Net does point to the 8bf filter locations, they all showed when the Filters tab was clicked (after the other steps). But when I click on a random filter and click "Run Filter," nothing happens. It is true that some of my 8bf filters don't work in 8.1 (I will be investigating these issues later) but many of them do.
  10. Hi, I installed Paint.Net in hopes that I can "replace" my old versions of certain other graphic software that does not seem to be totally compatible with Windows 8.1. The main one i have used for yonks is Jasc PSP 7, but I am a bit concerned about the issues that keep turning up now on the shiny new updated Windows. Anyway, installing Paint.Net was easy but trying to get my .8bf files to work in Effects has not been so easy! I followed directions carefully but I am wondering if perhaps the files are too old? Many go back 5, 10 years...would that make a difference? I would think an 8bf was
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